Modernist Resources

One of the difficult things about modernist cooking is knowing where to look to find information, tools, and ingredients. This modernist resources section helps show you the most popular modernist books and places to buy ingredients.

Modernist Resources

Modernist Equipment

Modernist cooking equipment 2 Modernist cooking can use a wide variety of equipment and tools. Many of them have very specific uses and are only used for advanced techniques. I want to focus on the more accessible equipment, most of which can be used in traditional cooking as well.

Modernist Books

Modernist cooking made easy book square There are numerous books that deal with modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy. Some teach you the basics and some show you how to make dishes from some of the best restaurants around. I highlight some of the most popular ones and give you my impressions of them.

Modernist Websites

Home page image There are a few websites you can use as a modernist resources. Some deal strictly with recipes, others focus on techniques but they all contribute something to the furtherment of molecular gastronomy and modernist cooking.